Advanced, Disruptive and Emerging QUAntum technologies for DEfense

revolution of
Quantum sensing

The ADEQUADE European project is set to identify and assess disruptive capability opportunities, based on quantic sensors, to provide a strategic advantage in defence.

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Quantum Technologies are one of the main emerging and disruptive technologies for defence and “Quantum Supremacy” has become a major objective for government leaders in national security.
Quantum Sensing is the most mature domain and has the potential for revolutionary impact on defence operations. Somehow significant technical challenges lie ahead before operational systems can be developed: this is the purpose of the ADEQUADE project.

Positioning, Navigation and Timing quantum sensors

To bring the capability for any military platform to know its position with a better precision than GNSS

Quantum Radio Frequency sensing

To provide radars and E.W systems with improved capabilities in terms of sensitivity, probability of intercept, dynamic range and frequency coverage/agility.

Quantum optronics sensing

To provide optronic systems with improved capabilities in terms of sensitivity and resolution.


In order to support the transformation of Quantum Technologies from science to applied engineering, ADEQUADE pursues 4 objectives.

1. Identify

Identify new/disruptive capability opportunities which might provide a strategic advantage in defence and evaluate the breakthroughs brought by the quantum technologies developed within the project.

2. Demonstrate

Develop studies and designs in order to demonstrate innovative quantum sensing functionalities for defence applications.

3. Propose

Propose / demonstrate / evaluate quantum technologies based capability building and sustainment.

4. Develop

Develop the specific enabling technologies to support the studies developed in ADEQUADE.


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