Post-doc offer – Quantum sensing with optical fibre systems

quantic sensor

Quantum sensing with optical fibre systems

We are seeking candidates for a post-doc position funded by the European Commission in the framework of a large research project that involves 34 partner organisations from 8 European countries. The position will start approximately by June-Jule 2023 and lasts 2 years. The research will focus on quantum-enhanced optical fibre sensors to realize new systems able to detect and quantify vibrations, deformations, and rotations caused by ground movements and accelerations with ultra-high performance. It also involves developing sensing architectures that enable highly accurate navigation capabilities. The purpose of this activity is to enhance the performance of fibre-optic sensors taking advantage of quantum technology, which can improve their resolution and sensitivity beyond current limits.

The ADEQUADE project officially launched on December 1st 2022 !

Thales Lab © Fabienne Issot Sergent

The ADEQUADE project has officially started its activities on the 1st of December 2022. Following an online administrative kick-off on December 15th, the consortium met for the first time at the ADEQUADE Grand kick-off meeting, held on January 30-31 in Palaiseau, France (at Thales Research & Technology site). The ADEQUADE consortium, composed of 31 organisations […]