Quantum-Enhanced Magnetometry at Optimal Number Density

We study the use of squeezed probe light and evasion of measurement backaction to enhance the sensitvity and measurement bandwith of an optically pumped magnetometer (OPM) at sensitivity-optimal atom number density. By experimental observation, and in agreement with quantum noise modeling, a spin-exchange-limited OPM proved with off-resonance laser light is shown to have an optimal sensitivity determined by density-dependent quantum noise contributions.

Deep learning approach for denoising low-SNR correlation plenoptic images

Correlation Plenoptic Imaging (CPI) is a novel volumetric imaging technique that uses two sensors and the spatio-temporal correlations of light to detect both the spatial distribution and the direction of light. This novel approach to plenoptic imaging enables refocusing and 3D imaging with significant enhancement of both resolution and depth of field.