TNO is opening position for a Quantum Sensing Expert at Delft office

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Open position for a Quantum Sensing Expert

TNO aims to apply scientific knowledge and technology to higher TRL (Technology Readiness Level) applications. They do this on the topic of Quantum Technology too. They design and build quantum devices and systems that leverage their quantum properties for application in communication, computing or sensing.

TNO is opening position for a Quantum Sensing Expert at Delft office. They are looking for qualified candidates. The future Quantum Sensing Expert will be working in the Quantum Technology department of TNO on projects they perform directly for clients and in close collaboration with other partners like the TU Delft.

The expert will be working with other scientists to build up our Quantum Sensing portfolio of activities. While the scientific knowledge in The Netherlands on this field is world-class, it has yet to create the impact it could have on the Dutch and other societies. You will support the development and running of our Quantum Sensing testbed facility, which TNO’s customers and partners use to test the potential of this technology on their applications. They will principally be involved in the daily operations of the facility, which includes identifying and testing potential applications of NV Centre-based sensors and supporting the development of prototypes, for instance, magnetometers. TNO participates in Quantum Delta NL and European projects with the Testbed Facility, so they will be part of the Dutch and European Quantum Ecosystems.

Please apply before the 21st of August, 2023. 

For more information on the positions available, please consult the following link : Quantum Sensing Expert | Delft | TNO

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